Cello Teacher & Cello Lessons
Atlanta cello teacher in his home studio
Atlanta cello teacher Roy Harran in his studio with a student.
Roy works with a young cello student on the basics of plucking, posture and holding the bow.

I am a cello teacher and professional cellist based in Atlanta. I have played the cello for as long as I can remember. It is a joyful experience to share my lifelong passion with others. For cello lessons, I accept children and adults of all ages and musical abilities, beginners to fellow professional musicians.

Atlanta Cello Teacher
Cello teacher Roy Harran discusses interpretation.

Currently my cello studio has a mix of children of all ages. I also teach many high school and college students as well as adults. Some are just beginning to read music. Others perform regularly as part of school and community orchestras. Most importantly, many play simply for their own enrichment and enjoyment. I have taught students as young as 4 years old.

Early Influences

I feel privileged to have studied with some outstanding cellists and cello instructors from an early age. I enjoy sharing the legacy of their gifts to me with my students. My first cello teacher, Dr. David “Dudu” Sella, was a father figure to me. Dr. Sella taught me the value of connecting with music. He was my greatest inspiration. With much gratitude to him, he made me the cellist, cello teacher and classical musician I am today.

Roy and his cello teacher
Roy & his first cello teacher, Dr. David Sella

Experience & Philosophy

When you play the cello, it has to be convincing. I am somewhat unconventional in the value I place on this quality. In my cello instruction, I encourage my students to be genuine and real in their musical expression. If you imitate another cellist, it will not come across if you are not personally and emotionally engaged with the music.

Eventually, Dr. Sella passed me on to his cello teacher, Prof. Uzi Wiesel. He studied with cello greats Pablo Casals and Bernard Greenhouse. Through him, I gained a better understanding of technical aspects of playing, enhancing sound production and projecting. I use these and other techniques in my own performance. In addition, I share it with my students as a cello instructor.

Atlanta Cello Teacher
Cello Teaching Style & Approach

“Roy has an excellent grasp of the fundamental principles of string playing and is quite adept at explaining it to various levels of students,” said a former colleague, describing my method of teaching cello. “He insists on students having a firm foundation all the while instilling a good sense of musical artistry. He is careful not to assign music beyond the grasp of the student while still providing challenging repertoire, a difficult pedagogical task in dealing with younger students. I admire his disciplined and nurturing approach to teaching.”

My teaching style involves a combination of warmth, sensitivity and humor as well as cajoling and encouragement. I enjoy sharing my passion for cello performance with students of all levels and ages and developing their musical ability. In my teaching, my goal is to deliver cello instruction that allows  students to express themselves technically and stylistically to their potential.

Cello Lessons & Teaching Positions

As a cello teacher, I offer private lessons in my Atlanta cello studio, lead workshops, offer masterclasses, and have served on the music faculties of Radford University, Agnes Scott College and currently at Emory University as an artist affiliate and cello instructor.

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